CCA ChurchSuite

One Church, Two Sites

We're one church meeting across two sites. Read on to find out about our journey with God so far and our vision for the future he has for us!

CCA Story So Far

The Journey So Far

We have so much to give God thanks for. As an Anglican church, we have a fairly recent history and we have seen God’s hand at each stage of our life to date. Our Church began in the 1950s when a small group of scientists and others new to the area desired a Christian presence in the north of Abingdon. An ancient and dilapidated tithe barn, then used by a dairy, was purchased and restored for use as a church building; this is our worship centre today on our Northcourt Road site. In the beginning the church was overseen by a Curate from St. Helen’s Church in the town centre.

Eventually Christ Church grew to where it needed its own vicar. Through God’s goodness, the faithful teaching of the Bible, significant giving of time, money and talents by members, a passion to reach out, and steady leadership, the church has continued to grow.

Long Furlong Site

Second Site Established

In the 1990s the church released members to plant a new congregation on the Long Furlong housing estate (Christ Church Long Furlong). This has become our second site, meeting at Long Furlong School. Other church members were also sent to be part of an ecumenical church (Peachcroft Christian Centre). Both churches have also seen significant growth.

Our Northcourt Road campus has grown as well, as we have been able to acquire the complete dairy yard for use by our church. We as a church are grateful for our history because we have seen God’s continued faithfulness as we have taken steps of faith. We feel the chapters written of our story so far are pointing us to further growth and so we actively look to our future.

As Abingdon grows and changes, we are seeking God’s plan for this part of the town, including in the new housing developments planned in the north of the town. We have already transformed the Barns into a space that is community focussed. Our youth and children’s work, as well as specific ministries to men, women, young families and older people are all seeing people growing in their own Christian journey. As more people join, we hope to be innovating and developing even more opportunities for these groups and others as we continue as God’s Church.

Living out vision

Vision & Values

We believe that, in Jesus, God has revealed the most compelling way to be fully human and fully alive. God is calling us to be devoted to Him, flourishing as a community practising the way of Jesus, filled with his Spirit and rooted in the Bible. Our passion is to draw others to His gift of eternal life, and to see individuals, our town, neighbourhoods and networks transformed.

We therefore seek to grow as disciples of Jesus by being a church family that prioritises:

Being with Jesus
Worshipping, Welcoming, Grace-filled

Becoming like Jesus
Compassionate, Sacrificial, Joyful

Living for Jesus
Vibrant, Serving, Gospel-sharing

For more details, download a copy of our Vision Summary Document.