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Small Groups

We have many small groups – we call them 'Life Groups' – meeting at different times during the week, at various locations in Abingdon and the surrounding area. They provide a place for spiritual growth, focus and encouragement. Although the groups are different, they have the same vision and purpose – to build community and to strengthen relationships, with Christ at the centre. Browse the group list below or speak with one of the team on a Sunday to find out which group might suit you best.

Didcot Life Group
A fun Life Group for those living in Didcot and surrounding villages wanting to support one another, pray, study the Bible together and enjoy lively socials!

We are a group of 20s-30s wanting to create a space where people who are new to and exploring faith feel comfortable to be themselves, voice opinions and ask questions. Many of us have close friends and family who we long to see come to know Jesus, and support each other to confidently share our faith in what we say and do. We start at 7.30 for cake and a catch-up, then begin the study at 8 leaving time for prayer at the end. Once a month we share a meal together and focus on building relationships, when those in our lives who may not feel comfortable attending a life group are welcome to come along.

Pykes Close, OX14 2QL
French Life Group
We meet to study the Bible and other materials together, followed by sharing needs and prayer. We are a group of mixed ages. Contact: Marcus or Jo French

Varies, OX14 1ET
Jeeva Life Group
We are a mixed age group, numbering 11. We mostly begin with sung worship, study the word, share testimonies and pray together in a relaxed fun-filled atmosphere. Our aim is to mature spiritually, while reaching out to others in love. Led by the Jeevas

19:45 (fortnightly)
Adams' or Owen's, OX14
Tuesday Life Group
We have a wide age range with members from Christ Church and Long Furlong. We share in the leadership of bible studies and discussions, supporting each other in prayer and friendship. Links: 51 Fellowship, Prime Time, Abingdon Court, DIY church jobs, MWM, Mini Men's' Alpha, Bible Notes, food bank and Link. Contact Esther Fox or Viv Hitchings

20:00 (fortnightly)
Varies, OX14
The Rainbow Group
Our life group meets weekly in north Abingdon focusing on fellowship, bible study and prayer, with monthly evening meals together. Contact Clare or Hugh

Parsons Mead, OX14
Bingham Life Group
We are a life group linked to CCA on Long Furlong. We read the Bible, talk and pray and we eat lots of biscuits! Our Life Group ensures the food collected at Long Furlong gets to the Food Bank collection; some of us are involved in the "Brunch" missional community, and also in Street Pastors.

Rivy Close, OX14
Turner Life Group
We are a community committed to Jesus and being transformed through the Holy Spirit; to loving, caring and supporting each other in prayer and practical ways; to be an oasis where we can deepen our relationship with God and each other through studying Scripture, discussion; meditation and practical application; to sharing Jesus with others and engaging with broad life concerns; to sharing friendship and fun through hospitality and laughter.

Loyd Close, OX14 1XR
The Living Room
We are a prayer group longing to see the Kingdom of God come in power - to transform Abingdon, our frontlines and ourselves. We join with Hungry for God once a month and will be involved in the Revival Prayer stream during Equip this Autumn.

Curtyn Close, OX14 1SE
Village People
We're people living in and around the Thames villages beyond Culham - but we're open to all comers. We're navigating life's journey together and aiming to be salt and light in our local communities. We meet to study, share, pray and socialise! Contact the Haywoods.

19:15 (fortnightly)
Clifton Hampden, Burcot, Dorchester, Benson, OX14
After Eight
We want to pursue God and everything He has for us. Walking with each other through all that life throws at us. Seeking to be rooted in God's Word and open to His Spirit. Also making space for fun, creativity, prayer, mission and worship. Led by Phil & Hannah Adams

Varies, OX14
Hancock Life Group
We are mostly in our 20's and 30's. We start with coffee and cake, then a Bible study and prayer. We finish at 9pm and occasionally go to the pub. Monthly socials often with friends from outside church. Members are involved with a wide range of church activities including Resonate, youth, Street Pastors, Alpha, & Holiday Club.

, OX14
Barnabas Life Group
We meet to encourage each other (hence our name, Acts 4:36) in our faith and ministry through Bible study, prayer and mutual support. We are a bit of a 'cooperative' as we all share the leadership of Bible studies and prayer times. We have a mixture of ages but are mostly in the middle! Group members are involved in the Foodbak, Samaritans, Youth work, Street Pastors, Church hospitality, and Park Run! We include family members in our termly walks and social events. Contact Claire or Melanie to find out more.

19:45 (fortnightly)
Varies, OX14
Hodgson Life Group
Airing, sharing and caring, with lots of delicious dinner and cake. Muddling through together on the journey of faith. Contact the Hodgsons

Abingdon & Wooton, OX14
Tattersall Life Group
A small, friendly, prayerful, supportive group seeking to live out God's will in our community. Come and join us. Contact: John & Jackie Tattersall

19:30 (fortnightly)
Grundy Close, OX14
Jars of Clay Life Group
Self-described as the CBeebies Homegroup, we are a group of Christians, some new and not so new, exploring what it means to follow Jesus. Linked to CCA Long Furlong

20:00 (fortnightly)
Oxford Road, OX14 2EE
Kitcheners Life Group
We're a group of young families, couples and singles who meet weekly for food, bible study, discussion and prayer. We'd love to have you along, whatever stage of life and faith you're at. Currently our members are involved in the worship team, Barns café, Sparks and PCC. Contact Hannah

Varies, OX14 1LB
Dubock Life Group
We are a group eager to seek how Jesus wants us to live and supporting each other along the way. Our group include Ignite and Sparks leaders, and has people serving on the welcome team, coffee rota and sound desk. Contact: The Dubocks

20:00 (fortnightly)
Dubocks, OX14 4AN
Snowball Life Group
We meet to study the Bible and apply God's word to our lives. We support each other in prayer as everyone is involved in serving God in different ways. We are an active group of people and want want to reach out to people we meet with the Gospel. We cover Mission, Link, Archway, Prime Time, Cafe, Intercessory prayer, PCC, day time Bible studies, Footprints and Sobell between us. Contact: Ian or Maggie Snowball

19:45 (fortnightly)
Mandeville Close, OX14 2BD
Thursday Evening Life Group
A relaxed and supportive group who catch up on what we are learning in church, explore a theme and have the occasional social. Differing views welcome.

20:00 (fortnightly)
Loyd Close, OX14 1XR
Bible Journaling
This is about being creative to illustrate verses in the Bible. No artistic talent necessary - using rubber stamps, stickers and pictures from the internet. I have everything you need to get started.

The Spinney, OX14 1TA